NOSB alum Joshua Leung competed in the Blue Lobster Bowl with Lexington High School from 2007 to 2009. In his final year, his team went to the national Finals.

Currently, Leung works as a senior engineer at Adeo Health Science, a start-up that makes baby food (Inspired Start) for early introduction of potential food allergens. Research shows that early and consistent introduction of potential food allergens, like peanuts, in infants dramatically reduces rate of food allergy development to the food being tried.

Although he is not in an ocean-related career, Leung still declares, “My NOSB experience has two main take-aways that still impact me today. One is a greater appreciation of the oceans and issues surrounding them. You learn about a lot of important things that are outside of the normal high school curriculum. The other is many life-long friends and a close-knit community that I give back to by volunteering at our regional bowl every year.”

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