NOSB’s Impact

A national program with approximately 2,000 students participating each year, the NOSB encourages stewardship of the ocean by participating students, their teachers and families. Each year, on average, students from 34 states plus the District of Columbia take part in 25 regional bowls.

This event opens doors to village students to be exposed to the vast fields of the ocean sciences and to the scholarship/career opportunities that come along with it. Students and the community are now paying attention to their connection to the oceans.
NOSB Coach
[The NOSB] is such an amazing event that helps high school students such as myself to learn about the ocean. I look forward to this event every year and it has helped shape my career plan!

NOSB Student
[The NOSB] provides high school students with a motivation to study the oceans. Like me, countless others have discovered simply amazing things about the ocean that otherwise we would have never found.
NOSB Student

NOSB Alumni Spotlight

Richelle Tanner

“As I continue to work with [the] NOSB as a question writer and uber judge at the Sea Lion Bowl, I really see the benefits of this program for high school students, whether they come out of it as scientists or not.
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Eileen Audette

The NOSB had a special impact on Audette’s life and career by providing the platform she needed to begin her journey as a scientist. She recalls “[the] NOSB piqued my interest in exploring our oceans and...
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Joshua Leung

Although he is not in an ocean-related career, Leung still declares, “My NOSB experience has two main take-aways that still impact me today. One is a greater appreciation of the oceans and issues surrounding them.
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Robert Letscher

In 2002 and 2003, Robert Letscher competed in the Bay Scallop Bowl with his team from Mount Sinai High School in Mount Sinai, New York. A new teacher at his school, fresh from graduate school at SUNY-Stony Brook with a M.S. in Marine Biology, began teaching...
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